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I am a scientific researcher currently working with a wide range of crystallography (single-crystal and powder diffraction with X-Ray or neutron sources of radiations).

My previous background includes crystallographic investigations of materials at non-ambient conditions such as high-pressure (HP), low or high temperatures.

On the left the winner: Armand Budzianowski; „High-pressure crystal phases of 1,2-ethylenediamine”, A. Budzianowski, A. Olejniczak, A. Katrusiak – one of three CCDC Poster Prizes which was awarded at IUCr 2005 Congress (3 000 participants). Photo from: http://xxiucr.iccom.cnr.it/photos/showimg.php?file=/Sessions/Awards/PosterPrizes/CCDC-Budzianowski.jpg Now: https://www.iucr.org/__data/assets/image/0009/53577/CCDC-Budzianowski.jpg (link)

I had practice do measurements of samples personally. I did success in quality phase identifications from powder materials (by over six years). I had achievements in quantity identifications. I had the luck to solve and refine a few structures from powder data. Recently my business everyday work is research connect to structure solutions and their refinement from single-crystal measurements (sometimes with disorder or twinning). I have other business tasks to do as well. However, I’m open to collaboration.

I have also developed analytical skills over time, including experimental work in the team and problem-solving. During my Ph.D., I improved a good understanding of the physical and chemical sciences. I understood that go out towards interdisciplinary is very often crucial to get success.

I think I can explain complex concepts understandably and communicate the results to various audiences. I like to promote science, research, and education-oriented to space exploration. I connect this to my educational background in electronics, protection of the environment, and forest-oriented knowledge. I am licensed to teach chemistry at school.

Since the 80’s I interested in computers in a wide range: using, service, data recovery for myself, and programming for myself (but there is limited time now for it). Since the end of the 90’s I interested in creating websites. In the past, my idea for the business was to be a forester, a photographer, and a movie editor. I have some experience in these last two fields as well, but I chose science.

Amateur radio communication (sometimes called HAM radio) is my hobby.

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