Crystallographic variety of magnetic spherules from Pleistocene and Holocene sediments in the Northern foreland of Morasko-Meteorite Reserve

W.T.J. Stankowski, A. Katrusiak, A. Budzianowski



The crystalline form of magnetic spherules, retrieved from the Pleistocene and Holocene mineral and organic surface sediments at the Northern foreland of Morasko meteorite-impact site, have been determined. While the magnetite (Fe3O4) composition of the spherules prevails, also hematite, maghemite and plagioclase crystalline inclusions have been observed. The magnetite form varies from amorphous, through fine powder, rough powder, holocrystalline to single crystals, as well as mixed forms, such as powder and holocrystalline, or amorphous and holocrystalline. The relieves on the surface of the spherules reflect the size and shape of the crystallites. The morphology of the spherules, their chemical composition and structure have been characterized and discussed in relation to the Morasko-Meteorite fall, and possible other cosmic, geological or anthropogenic origins.

    Keywords: Spherule, Meteorite, Crystal form X-ray diffraction, Impact age